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Season 2017/2018 Junior EreDivisie RTC Zuid

Progress is limited due to Sever's Disease which Alicia has had for 18 months now.  Of course this is frustrating for Alicia but until she stops growing then she is unable to train fully as this is very painful in both heels.  As soon as this gets better then Alicia can start to compete once she has built up her level again.  Alicia may compete this season or maybe not.  It all depends on the Sever's. Alicia will continue to train at her club in den Bosch and as soon as Alicia is ready for her first competition this will be posted on her Facebook and website as well as videos on her youtube account .  For all the gymnasts out there that has this terrible and painful growth problem.  Try to stay focused and have faith.  If you have talent it will shine again.


So if you want to stay up to date and see how Alicia is progressing go to Alicia FacebookPage, Instagram or twitter.  If you want to see Alicia videos when they are published then subscribe to Alicia youtube channel.


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